How Is Marine plywood waterproof?

Who uses marine grade plywood?


In the manufacturer of ships, boats and docks it is imperative that a timber product can be used that is watertight and not subject to damage when exposed to water over time. Marine grade plywood is that such panel. It is an ideal panel for use in these industries due to its ability to not bend, warp or delaminate when in contact with water over a long period of time.


But how do they make it waterproof?


Manufacturing of the marine grade panels is similar to traditional plywood (sheets of plywood laid at right angles to alternate the grain for strength). Exterior-grade sheets of plywood are used because of their durability whilst lessening the possibility of gaps and voids being apparent. These sheets are glued using WBP, a water and boiling proof adhevise which will provide a barrier against water.

In order to reduce any water seeping into the plywood panels it is important for these plywood panels to be finished with a high quality veneer. Lower quality veneers are subject to gaps and imperfections which heightens the risk of moisture entry.  As with the middle plys, WBP glue is used again to bond the veneers.

Marine plywood is graded either A or B. Grade A shows no knots with grade B allowing for some surface knots. No marine grade plywood can allow for any knotholes whatsoever because of the obviouse risk of water permeating the panels.


Okoume is considered the finest plywood for construction of marine grade plywood, and Global Panel Products are proud to be suppliers of this product from the Mourikis mill in Greece.



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