SVEZA Deck 350

SVEZA Deck 350


SVEZA Deck 350 is a special film faced plywood with a grid pattern intended for slab formwork. It comes with 25, 50, and 100 mm grid patterns. These types of lines simplify plywood marking and cutting, as well as rebar placement. This allows to reduce labor costs at the construction site.

Production process of plywood with layout grid is patented.*

SVEZA Deck 350 is a high-strength plywood made of 100% birch veneer, all layeers are smooth, without cavities inside. Its edges are coated with special acrylate-based waterborne paint with low water permeability.

SVEZA Deck 350 surface is smooth, and coated with wear resistant film (wearing capacity is 350 Taber test rotations).

* Registered in the State Register of Utility Models RF 01.20.15, RF patent number 150519.

Key Benefits

  • 100% birch plywood.
  • Easy to cut and mark.
  • Easy to put  bars.
  • Wear resistant surface.
  • Moisture protection of the edges.

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